Hunting & Facility Prices

 Use of lodge and facilities for any non-hunting activities $175.00/day

Dove and Quail

 Friday afternoon thru Sunday lunch dove hunts  $2,000.00/ea.
 This is for complete use of the ranch to yourself for 20 people
  No food or cooking, but can be provided for additional charge
 Friday afternoon thru Sunday lunch quail hunts  $4,000.00/ea.
 This includes the use of our trained dogs and 10 people
  You may also bring your dogs and keep in our kennels
  Food is included

 Whitetail Deer

 Does (non tagged)  $350.00/ea.
 Management bucks 8 point and less  $2,500.00/ea.
 Bronze trophy bucks 140 B&C and below  $3,500.00/ea.
 Silver trophy bucks 160 B&C and below  $4,500.00/ea.
 Gold trophy bucks 180 B&C and below $7,500.00/ea.
 Platinum trophy bucks are gold plus 100.00 per inch over 180 B&C  


 Black buck does  $250.00/ea.
 Black buck bucks  $2,500.00/ea.
 Axis does $500.00/ea.
 Axis bucks  $1,200.00-$2,500.00/ea.
 Red stag cows $1,000.00/ea.
 Red stag bulls $4,500.00/ea
 Scimitar horned oryx cows $5,000.00/ea.
 Scimitar horned oryx bulls $4,000.00/ea.
 Aoudad $1,500.00-$3,500.00/ea.
 Fallow deer does $500.00/ea.
 Fallow deer bucks $1,200.00-$2,500.00/ea.
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